Unknown Pleasures, Tim’s Twitter Listening Party and Hooky

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 8.47.44 AM

What could be better! Tonight, or today, May 22, 2020 at 10pm GMT+1, PST 2PM Tim is inviting us all to spin our copy of the classic Joy Division Unknown Pleasures. Peter Hook will be on the feed.

What to do, it’s easy. Get on #TimsTwitterListeningParty on Twitter, start your turntable or digital album of Unknown Pleasures. Ask questions. Oh, find the album first if you have it, click on links below if you don’t.

What, haven’t you participated before? Who is Tim Burgess? You haven’t forgotten that band The Charlatans have you? He’s singer, songwriter, musician, record label man, and currently just released a new record, I Love the new Sky.


Tim’s Listening Party links at Tim’s Together Apart site https://timstwitterlisteningparty.com/

Got Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/unknown-pleasures-remastered/544363171

Unknown Pleasures Spotify