Some People Think Little Girls Should be Seen and Not Heard: Punk Girl Diaries #6 Is Out

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And it’s the most ambitious yet. PunkGirlDiaries blog is a must for fans of female punk. Vim and Lene seek and destroy all myths and legends of punk women in music and bring you the goddesses of punk. Even more so in Blogzine #6, featuring cover art from original artwork by Poly Styrene. Inside, you have Poly, Exotic Girlfriend, Dolly Mixture’s Debsey Wykes, Shirley Manson, Joolz from New Model Army, and Vi Subversa. Check it out at their store.

Still waiting stateside and elsewhere for Poly Styrene: I’m a Cliché documentary? According to the film website, if you missed the SXSW Online Film Fest last March, they are seeking distribution in the US and Canada. Stay up to date here.

If you are in the UK, you can still catch this doco on Vimeo Poly Styrene: I’m a Cliché

Watch a bit of this below and get inspired.

Interview for the Doc and Roll fest with John Robb (Goldblade and the Membranes) Has been writing about the music scene for over 30 years. Check out his website Louder Than War and support music writing during our troubling times.

‘I Am A Cliche’ – review of new Poly Styrene film — Punk Girl Diaries

Mari Elliott, who became punk singer Poly Styrene in 1976, lived at such an important time in history. And her life, music and iconic fashions have all increased in significance over the nearly ten years since Poly passed away aged 53 in 2011. As punk girls, we were inspired by and fascinated by her appearances…

‘I Am A Cliche’ – review of new Poly Styrene film — Punk Girl Diaries