Dead Boys Angst at It’s Prime: Young, Loud, and Oh So Snotty


Otherwize known as the Dead Boys Snotty Splatter Record reissued by our local Jackpot Records, a mighty wee producer of weird records and fun. Why, because whether you are old school punk and lost your copy long ago, a Neo-Neo Uber Goth who needs to be reminded of where 80s Death Rock got its origins and influences, a fan of anyone who played at CBGB’s, or just learning about that magical ‘Merican Punk Angst Roots thang, check this record out.

From Ain’t Nothing To Do to the last song Down In Flames, it still vibes of that helplessness of being young and raging against the machine-of-the-world. Of course you can’t miss the crazy singing of the lead Stiv Bators and Cheetah Chrome’s string pulling guitar, especially in High Tension Wire. No synths here.

Limited edition yellow splatter is sold out at Jackpot, however check your local small record shop to see if they have a copy.

Where: They came from Cleveland, Ohio, of course!

Music Genre: Loud, raucous, raw punk, and stage destroyers

Original Members: Stiv Bators (Vocals), Cheetah Chrome (Lead Guitar), Jimmy Zero (Rhythm Guitar), Jeff Magnum (Bass), Johnny Blitz (Drums)

Joey Ramone encouraged them to come to NYC and join the CBGB crowd

Available in limited edition snotty yellow at Jackpot Records in Portland, OR.

Read about the failed 40th anniversary Dead Boys boxed set here.

Dead Boys on WikiWand

These shops may still have the limited edition copies, contact them first:

Red Yeti Records

Acoustic Sounds

High Voltage Records