Music Millennium Records, Laurelhurst

MUSIC MILLENNIUM 3158 E Burnside Portland, OR 97214 Voice 503/231-8926
Ratings: Okay
Music: Rock through Shock, but fairly subdued
This building is quite fun and reflective of the eclectic PNW architecture of Portland. I entered with great hopes for a fun bin dive. On entering I was hit with massive bins of CDs, always bit discouraging. However, following the fun, multi levels of the location and roaming through rooms, I found the twists of the vinyl selections fun. Very small rooms and sadly, more new vinyl than old. Which isn’t bad, as new vinyl is heavier and pressed nicely. However, having choices between new and old is preferred. But it’s got way better lighting than some of the mega vinyl shops in town.
Pricey. Many of the new vinyls, while fun rereleased pressings, were very steep in price. It does depend on the label, and yes since vinyl is not massively produced as it once was. I get the quality versus quantity and limited runs, like fine Brews call for dues. I was shocked by some of what I saw. $50.00 plus for some titles at a single record, black vinyl. I would expect colored to start at that price, and even some picture discs. Wait, is it the neighborhood? It is in the Laurelhurst area. I managed to find two records in the $24.99 range which is not too much more than I paid for them back in the 1980s. However for the pricing, I would expect to find more original pressings on original labels in good condition. But anything used is always going to vary.
Used. Bit ratty in the bins. There are some sections where by letter they are broken down into sizable chunks. This is really helpful. Of course this always depends on when collections come in and if there has been a sale.
Large section on movie soundtracks and large international selection.
If you like multi levels and twisty looking, it’s got character for that. Too many CDs for my tastes.

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