Cramps Live at The Barrowlands

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The Cramps and the call of Cthulhu Fhtagn records, a mysterious Russian Label, are a perfect, Psychobilly, and tentacled love fest. Following their recent release of the famous Napa State Hospital Gig, M-M-M-Mad Mad Daddies (2019) recent releases of one of the Cramps infamous gigs at The Barrowlands, The Cramps-Born Bad at the Barrowlands Ballroom on February 21, 1990 in Glasgow. Was released to a limited pink edition last August, now out on black wax. GREAT show! Not an official release.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 10.47.55 AM

Thanks to Hi-Voltage Records in Tacoma, WA for finding it for me. You are going on the list for the PNW record shops. Check them out on Facebook

The Trax!

A1Muleskinner Blues
A2The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
A3Jailhouse Rock
A4What’s Inside A Girl?
A5Everything Goes
A6God Damn Rock ‘n’ Roll
A7Goo Goo Muck
B2Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz
B3All Women Are Bad
B4You Got Good Taste
B5Shortnin’ Bread
B6Drug Train
B7Tear It Up

‘I Am A Cliche’ – review of new Poly Styrene film — Punk Girl Diaries

Mari Elliott, who became punk singer Poly Styrene in 1976, lived at such an important time in history. And her life, music and iconic fashions have all increased in significance over the nearly ten years since Poly passed away aged 53 in 2011. As punk girls, we were inspired by and fascinated by her appearances…

‘I Am A Cliche’ – review of new Poly Styrene film — Punk Girl Diaries

Tim’s Twitter Listening Party Recommends these Online Record Shops

As some countries are going back into restrictions and lock downs, I thought I would share this great list of record shops selling online to help us get thorugh this next round of isolation.

Keep in mind that:

Shipping prices have increased

Shipping will be bogged down with holiday on top of COVID issues.

So still try to buy local.

National Album Day UK, 40th Anniversary Releases This Month

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It’s back. The UK’s National Album day is celebrating the 80s, and with so many 1980 40th anniversary records being reissued this year, some great ones this month are being made available for Record Album day in the UK.

Tim’s Twitter Listening Party has a day long lineup of play along and Tweet fun you can enjoy anywhere in the World. Join us here. Hint: There’s a Cure album bash at the end they didn’t get in the article.

Tim’s Twitter Album Day Info

Some of the records we can get stateside, which is good because the rise of international shipping rates has made import record collecting that more expensive. Yup, it’s the price of the record itself to ship. But many are limited editions, so you color vinyl fiends got itchy fingers, I know.

Events for National Record Album Day UK

40th Anniversary Editions In October


Talking Heads classics are being reissued on colored vinyl again. I did pick up a colored vinyl on Remain in Light a couple of years back. If you missed out on that, Rhino Records has reissued Talking Heads 77(Green), Fear of Music (Silver), and More Songs About Buildings And Food(Red). So we know you have played and battered your original copies for years.

And not to forget the masters of techno kraft, Kraftwerk! Parlophone records are reissuing  Kraftwerk on colored vinyl with German sleeves on October 9th, 2020. These German Language versions are available for the first time stateside. However it’s a limited release, so if you haven’t preordered stateside, do so. If you can’t catch a copy stateside, try Resident Music, UK. Contact them and see what you can do about combining orders for shipping, as you have been warned, it is rather high.

RSD Drop 2,  2 TONE Records!

Sadly didn’t make it to the day, health issues. So I got to do the “buy it later if you can find it hunt”. My mission was to pick up two 2 Tone Records Ska compilations. Dance Craze is the soundtrack to a film I saw back in the day when the whole Ska craze came about. I luckily found one last copy at Jackpot Records here in Portland, and did the “you made my week dance” for the people at the counter. So glad to be able to shop local. This record brought back such great memories of a viewing of the concert film with Quadrophenia and another film my aging brain can’t remember.

The story of 2 Tone Records’ radical cover art

The hunt for the This Are 2 Tone with Various Artists (The Selecter, Madness, Rhoda Dakar & The Special A.K.A, The Swinging Cats, The Specials) was another matter. I thought I would call up Ziongate Records since they did me a solid at RSD drop 1, however they had sold out on the day. The scary thing is, the counter person said, “Are you the one who got Tones on Tail off us?” Damn, it’s scary when you are the only person they remember like that. He said,” Okay, I’ll do you a solid. I’m checking Discogs, there are a few shops on their that we have worked with that know how to ship”. I was saved. I’m still waiting for Bucket of Blood Records in Chicago to ship. But with a name like that, it’s gotta be Serendipity?

Rhino Records

Resident Music UK

Jackpot Records

Ziongate Records, Seattle

Bucket of Blood Records

Dance Craze 2 Tone Records Film

RSD2020 Drop 1 Hits Portland


I’m taking this first drop of Record Store Day 2020 as a sign of some possible good changes that can happen for the worldwide event. It was postponed once, then re configured to socially distanced in three drops. And a wonderful way to get our minds off the violence here in Portland. 90 + days of strain here and COVID on top of it. It made all of us a bit giddy finally being about to go to an event.

Still The Wee Hours

Yes, it’s the much delayed RSD 2020, postponed and reformed into three drops, the last Saturday of August, September, and October. The split of the RSD only vinyl releases into three drops makes it a thrill for some to come back three times, for me, it was all or nothing on the first drop. Plus, I had other strategies.

It’s 5:00 am on Saturday 29th, 2020. I hit the corner of Burnside where Music Millennium resides (3158 E Burnside St, Portland, OR), a real brick and mortar record shop. Yes, it’s actually brick and mortar. I see a few people milling about sort of in a line, socially distanced. Not too many, is this a good sign? List in hand, I meet the owner of store, Terry, handing out wee passes to stand in line at 9:00. Got a few hours to kill.

Back Up Plans

I had called the smaller shop I go to second on the day, Jackpot Records (3574 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR), and they had a strategy of putting half the stock on line, half in store. I was told they didn’t know how many were coming to physically stand in line. You see, we’re are still on social distancing restrictions and no crowds above 20 people at this point. Many of the shops were afraid they would get shut down by the health department when they had just reopened their doors. So I had the records I wanted the most, bookmarked in the phone, ready to buy in line and pick up later. 

Back at Music Millennium, my pass that I was given amounts to a boarding pass for a record shop. I am to arrive in a lot of 20 people at 9:00. Since my flight doesn’t depart for some time, I catch a few laps at the now infamous Laurelhurst Park, and find a socially distanced coffee stop, read a book, go back to car, read some more. Finally at about 8:45 a.m. I get in the line, standing on my number. People are somewhat confused, we are so used to the camp out.  We start joking with each other, it’s the traditional” What are you hoping for?” The record store workers remark, “Hey, maybe we are onto something. Maybe this is how we should have been doing this.” I have to agree, it’s a lot less stress on the standing in line, not so bad in groups of 20 or so.

I managed to get in during my time slot, it was eerily quiet and standing on taped x, scanning the shelves. Luckily my list I had been encouraged to bring, the one I had obsessively put the pictures of each record and title next to,  worked really well. I was only able to to find three of the records, my top pick of Tones on Tail rerelease of POP, the first time on vinyl since original release, was already gone. Yup, the speculators had been there. I came back with David Bowie’s John I’m Only Dancing Live, the Cure Seventeen Seconds Picture Disc, and Ultravox 12 inch single of Sleepwalk.

I had planned in advance if the other two records had been wiped out, the strategy of both standing in line at Jackpot and having their order page up for that 10 am release, bookmarked Amoeba Records, who had their RSD sole online sale because of moving locations, and several other UK and US online record sites I have bought from before. Sadly right at 10 am, even though I had had it on the ready, both POP and New Order John Peel Sessions had been wiped out, while I was standing in line. I was also on the lookout for the Jamaica Ska collection that seemed to not make it to Portland shops? Sigh. And Amoeba and Rough Trade were crashing.


On To The Speculation Battle

After begging in the store that they check their back up area, and looking around a second time, I sat in my car and started the now yearly task of trying to  find the UK shops that put up their spare copies at GMT time 7 pm, which with the 8 hour difference it was about that time. Was getting hit with $28.00 to $30.00 shipping fees and gave up. I Twittered with my friends in the UK who were already hunting their EBay copies. The ones I could find were all from the UK and speculation hunters had them on auction already. Never lose hope. I kept looking and finally found a domestic shop in Seattle, WA, Zionsgate, that had POP at price plus shipping. I wondered if it could be true, because Amoeba’s site was crashed, as was Rough Trade and other online shops. I took a chance and ordered it, and sent a message to them via eBay. I got a reply, yes, it had been set aside for me. Well, this was eBay, and well, you know how that can go. So I looked for the website and Googled info on them. Yes indeed, they were a real live shop. So I called, because I had a hunch, a feeling in my gut. I talked to a very nice lad and confirmed that he had set it aside and it was my order, I then asked, “You wouldn’t happen to have gotten any copies of the New Order John Peel Sessions 1982 in?”, “Yeah we had that come in, I’ll check….” He claimed to have a copy, banded it together with POP. The next morning I had a bill through eBay. It’s due to hit our mail facility today at 8pm. Here’s hoping that the disasters at the USPost machines made hand sorting keep it pretty clean.

The Take Away

Overall, I want to thank all of the independent record stores in the US, Canada, and world wide for not giving up on RSD this year. The tradition was started as a way to help support small, independent stores, keep vinyl alive, and in this time of COVID forcing many brick and mortar shops to close for good. Many had to sell RSD strictly online due to local ordinances. Many of the shops have learned that doing the distanced and limited access by ticket, may actually be an overall good thing to do in the future.

Suggestion for next drop in September and next year: Create a website ticket boarding pass the night before online at an allotted time to reserve a space in line. Keeping to groups of 20-30 per hour. It was a lot less stressful for shoppers and employees. Just a thought.

Encourage people to bring lists. There are a lot of covers to look at. 

Stop the speculative buying. Yes, then there is the never ending evil speculator shopping deal. While it looks like this social spacing and some record stores forced to do online sales only kept some of the speculation at bay, it still was a problem. It’s time that RSD worked with eBay to not allow RSD titles to be sold online until a specific date, giving legit record stores time to get their copies up and make it a bit more fair. In some countries they have rules on this, apparently not in the US.

One last thing. Take a stroll to the shops a day or two after RSD. Sometimes records get misplaced in the shuffle or someone decides against a purchase. It may be under the artist in the regular slot the next day. I was strolling through a shop looking for Dead Kennedys and came across a Bob Marley RSD that my friend in the UK had not been able to find. I bought it and asked him if he still wanted it. He was thrilled. And all he had to do was pay shipping, I owed him a record or two favor myself. Pay it forward.


RSD at HOT POOP Records

Amoeba Issues Apology for RSD Day Downed Servers


Flipside’s Alternative London Tours

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 1.00.49 PM

So, after three-plus months of lockin and going through your vinyl collection several times, you are crawling the walls. Looking at the fact that vacation has been curtailed for many people, travel restrictions and concerns over COVID have created a very limited travel situation and forced us to put trips outside the country on hold. So, what can you do? Plan for that really big “the world has opened up again” tour? And since you love music, head for the music cities.

Being a musical fiend, a traditional tour just won’t do. It’s alternative tours for you. If you are starting your next trip in the UK when quarantine rules stop, there are several large cities that have great music scenes. Starting in London, you’ll want to hit up Aidan McManus at Flipside Tours. Flipside Tours features a David Bowie Soho Tour, Strummer Walk Tour, and Westway Walkin Notting Hill. And if you want to get some local insight on what’s going on in the Portabello Road area before you go, start listening to Portabello Radio.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 1.01.44 PMInterview with Aidan McManus

How did Flipside Tours Come about? What drove you to make music tours come about?

Nobody else was covering punk, I thought there was a market for it, I was looking for a new way to make a living.

With the current COVID crisis, tourism has of course shut down. Have you been able to adapt your tours at all, or still in lockdown?

I haven’t done any tours since March due to lockdown.

Have you thought of doing virtual tours as some people are mad for travel, crawling the walls but restricted right now?

I have, and had a little go but it looked shit. 

You have a great digital presence, a great following, and there’s a radio show? 

FlipsideLondon Radio on Mixcloud and live on Portobello Radio. 

What are some future projects you may be developing, a new tour, or a show?

Always trying to think up new tours, it usually comes to me when I’m not expecting it. 

How do you develop one of your tours?

I only do stuff I’m interested in, so I have the basics and then immerse myself in the subject, it never really stops as you’re always finding new stuff. It’s like The Ramones, don’t worry about how good it is, just get out there and do it and it works or it doesn’t. 

Have you met any of your music heroes as a result of your tours?

On the show and Glen Matlock, Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible have all walked past while I’m doing it and said hello. 

Any great followers you were astounded checked you out? Decided to come on a tour?

Joe Strummer’s widow, Campino from Die Toten Hosen, and Micky Gallagher’s daughter.

Is it hard to get information sometimes for research?

Not sure what this means, some books are just unobtainable

Anything you can tell us about your daily routine to stay sane in our current global lockdown? How have your music habits been affected?

I’ve been listening to lots of stuff I’d nearly forgotten about and I’m still doing the radio show.

What famous music places and venues have been ‘gentrified’ out that you really wish you could show people on your tours, the way it was?

The Marquee

What blogs, Twitter/Instagram, or Zines are you obsessed with right now?


Consumer Questions:

The first record bought? Hunky Dory

How did you listen to new music when you were young? Records

First gig you went to? Bad Company, Earls Court, 1976, it was shit

Favorite bands or artists in your youth? Bowie, Bolan, Sex Pistols, The Clash

What are your favorite new artist/s? Warmduscher, Fat White Family, Sleaford Mods, Eight Rounds Rapid

What Twitter or other social media accounts are you hooked on lately? None

Favorite music venues? The 100 Club

Music venues you are dying to go to? The 100 Club

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 1.02.37 PM

What would be your fantasy gig if space and time continuum allowed? Hendrix, The Pistols in 1976 

If money were no object, who would you go see and where? (If you were the booking agent) Not really sure


Plan your emergence from the chrysalis post-COVID.

New York, NY

Glasgow, Edinburgh Scotland

Liverpool, UK

Manchester, UK

POWERPOP: Are You Children of The Revolution?

Image 05-10-2019 at 10.14 (1)

Why yes, we all are. Now more than ever! With this past month of finally crawling slowly out of the pandemic shell shock on varying levels, it’s good to keep looking and listening for that bit of happenstance pandemonium that will keep you going. You know, uplift your spirit when the politics are on serious scary retro revolution mode. What better place than to hit up Simon Philo’s shows, Children of the Revolution on Radio Free Matlock (UK) First Thursdays, and The Sweet Spot, bi-weekly on Stranger Radio in New York. He’s also agreed to clue us in on the music of Pop in Society! Oh, yes he actually does teach a course on this very subject, talk about a dream teaching job. OH, not to forget, he wrote a book on one of my favorite periods, GLAM!


The Interview

What possessed you to create not one but two radio shows?


Always been obsessed with all kinds of pop music. I always wanted to find ways of channeling this life-long passion into something tangible.  Used to make ‘radio shows’ as a kid – which only my long-suffering parents got to hear besides me.  In my job as a university professor of American Studies I made it my ‘mission’ to include music on my classes wherever possible.  Eventually got to write a couple of music books – see below. In 2017 I started teaching a degree course in Popular Music in Society – the only one of its kind in the UK. But, despite all this, I still wanted to do more ‘pop business’, and when my wife spotted that a local internet radio station – Radio Free Matlock – were open to show proposals, I took the plunge.  In January 2019, after a 40-year wait, I finally realised my childhood dream and got to present the first episode of Children of the Revolution – a show that plays tracks from any and every genre from between 1969 and 1982. And then in July of that year, I also started my powerpop show The Sweet Spot on the NY-based station, Stranger Radio.        

Untitled design (1)What are some future projects you may be developing?

Nothing cast-iron right now.  Only been doing the radio work for 18 months.  But I would like to find ways of building the Pop Society ‘family’ of shows. Watch this space!

What has been your greatest challenge in keeping your broadcast full of great content? 

Time, or the lack of. Full-time ‘proper’ job, family-life, grown-up stuff, etc. 

Have you met any of your music heroes as a result of your publishing and shows? 

Met a very drunk Marco Pironi at the Louder Than Words music and literature festival in Manchester a few years back.  I’d presented the case for glam rock in a mock ‘heavy-weight boxing bout’ that pitted glam against prog, and unbeknownst to me Marco and his missus were in the audience.  As we went for a post-match beer, I was introduced to Mr. Pironi, who it turns out was very pleased that glam had ‘won’ and also made it very clear that failure on my part was not an option!  I also met punk icon Jordan at the same event. Although not at the venue but in a local Pret A Manger, where we both reached for the sole remaining sandwich at the same time.  I graciously deferred to her, and we proceeded to have a very pleasant chat about the Pistols, Adam Ant, the chaos post-Grundy TV interview, etc. Charming lady.

Any great followers you were astounded checked you out? Listened in to your show? 

Bobby Bluebell (Robert Hodgens) listens in, and in fact kindly donated a live Bluebells’ cover of ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ for a fund-raising LP RFM put together last year. (Although copyright issues meant that, sadly, it didn’t make the final cut.) I’ve also had ‘likes’ from Nick Heyward, Steel Pulse, and Midge Ure – all of whom appear to handle their own social media accounts.  My powerpop show plays plenty of new music, and as a result featured bands from both sides of the Atlantic, e.g. Transonics, Garlands and Project Revise, ‘follow’ me and listen in.    

Anything you can tell us about your daily routine to stay sane in our current global lockdown? How have your music habits been affected? Any adaptations you want to share? 

I’ve continued to work full-time, delivering classes, etc on-line.  So, I’ve been as busy as usual, if not even busier. I have though put my recently acquired broadcasting ‘skills’ to good use by turning lectures into podcasts. Working from home has meant I listen to music pretty much 24/7. And because they have been building a new house next door, I’ve been grading papers with headphones on to cancel out the noise!     

What media, blogs, or Zines are you obsessed with right now? 

I don’t watch TV. So I am always on the look-out for great radio or podcast content.  My current favourite podcast is The Bugle. 

Where can people discover your media or publication?

Children of the Revolution can be found on (and via Alexa, Simple Radio app, smart radios) – first Thursday of every month, 8-10pm (UK)

The Sweet Spot can be found on – fortnightly on Tuesdays, 9-11pm (UK) 

Books British Invasion: The Cross-Currents of Musical Influence (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015) Glam Rock: Music in Sound and Vision (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018)

Writer and Radio Show Host as consumer questions:

 The first record bought?

 Sweet, “Teenage Rampage” (1974)

How did you listen to new music when you were young?

Radio (Radio 1, Radio Luxemburg)

Vinyl and cassette

First gig you went to? Who were you with and what did you wear? Did you pick up gear (Badges, teeshirt, posters, setlist, still have ticket stub?)

U2, January 1983 at the Birmingham Odeon. I went with some school friends.  Picked up a ‘War’ Tour sleeve-less (?!) T-shirt.

 Favorite bands or artists in your youth?

 Boomtown Rats were my first love. Then, in my late teens, got into the Cure, the Smiths and Psychedelic Furs

 Your favorite new artist/s?

 Kurt Baker – not new, but new to me!

 What Twitter or other social media accounts are you hooked on lately?

 Scottish Post-Punk (@ScotsPostPunk) 

Favorite music venues?

De Montfort Hall, Leicester. Birmingham Symphony Hall.

What would be your fantasy gig if space and time continuum allowed? 

T Rex in 1972. 

Thank you Simon, looking forward to more great adventures from you! Just a sample PowerPop lesson here.Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 4.57.31 PM



Buzzcocks Reunion LP at Cherry Red Records

I got my BUZZ Splatter yesterday in the mail! Cherry Red Records has released a previously unreleased reunion record demo from the band from 1991. It’s a great little number with a great feel for nostalgia and a great way to remember Pete Shelley.

Watch out, they will sell you anything and everything they can.

The band had disbanded in 1981, and reformed in 1989. They worked on a demo and released a demo cassette that went into circulation in 1991. It features demo tracks and songs that appeared on later records, some of which were not heard until now. That punk energy never left.

Order: Buzzcocks: The 1991 Demo Album, Black & White Vinyl LP

2. ALIVE TONIGHT (This One!)

4. RUN AWAY FROM HOME (Another good one)

Also, they have released a whole bunch of music from the last 30 years, just about everything!

Buzzcocks: Sell You Everything (1991-2014) Albums, Singles Rarities, Unreleased, 8CD Boxset

160 tunes! If you are a big fan, keep yourself busy and dancing.

The Show Got Cancelled

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die Exhibit New York


Bauhaus News: New Tour Dates and COVID-19 Charity Shirt

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 12.20.31 PM

It was with great excitement earlier this last year that Bauhaus reformed for a few gigs. Several have been canceled or postponed to later dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic along with many other acts.

Have no fear, or do, it’s Gothy, Bauhaus to the rescue! They have created a fundraising tee shirt to help benefit COVID charities. Great for all of you dying to add another Bauhaus tee to the coffin. Here’s the official information:

Available at HIFI 24/7 Fidelity Entertainment

UPDATE: If you are outside the US, please try for better UK shipping rates at MUSIC GLUE. for better international shipping rates. 100% going to COVID charity and each band member  choosing a charity.

2021 Tour Dates

Bauhaus has just added a spot at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound 2021 June 2-4. Check out peter Murphy’s site for  updates as postponed concerts in the US and world get re-scheduled for 2021.

David J Facebook David J

David Haskins

Daniel Ash




Welcome to UNAMERICAN Radio, Mike Hunt’s Fantastic Blast Into The Past

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.41.03 PM

Birds of a feather meet on Twitter together? Nevermore so than when digging deep into my youth and trying to get back that fabulous feel of college radio that propelled me into my love of alternative music, and post-punk, I stumbled upon a fantastic resource account on Twitter, @ScotsPostPunk. Fabulous music tastes, a lot of Scottish post-punk, funk, Ska, post-punk music, and managed mayhem. I had always had a hard time accessing this kind of music on vinyl here on the US west coast in the late 70s and early eighties, so glad to revisit it with Mike and his followers. Be careful, he’s the pied piper of the internet airwaves.

After getting to know Mike a bit over some months and chatting with him during one of his shows, I told him my sorry tale of trying to get to Scotland in 1982 to buy some vinyl when I was a kid on my first trip to the UK, and getting thwarted by a huge wind storm (train shut down). He surprised me with some extra copies he had of some independent Scottish music in the post and has helped encourage my fiendish addiction to vinyl since. Don’t ask about the last vinyl purchase! He blames the cat. I think we vinyl fiends tend to bond, especially when our partners and spouses just shake their heads at the obsession. “What, another color vinyl record??? Oh, is that Joy Division?” Hide the shipping box, now.

Mike has a fabulous radio show on called UNAMERICAN Broadcasting that just had its 50th by-weekly radio program. To celebrate, Mike put together 100 songs, which he had to split over two episodes. I asked him to tell us about his musical passions and how he got this show, featuring his vast collection of attic vinyl. And hopefully, his wee cat Monkey Man may start spinning along with. Now there’s a radio mascot, because cats don’t just hit drums.

Interview With Mike Hunt UNAMERICAN Radio

Name:  Scottish Post-Punk 

Twitter @ScotsPostPunk

Catch UNAMERICAN Radio Show on

What possessed you to create the SP-P social media feeds?

I set up the Facebook presence after a conversation with a friend who knew I was behind several other artist-related official/semi-official/official pages (Josef K, Fast Product, Orange Juice, Paul Quinn, Bourgie Bourgie, etc) and suggested that if anyone should set up a Scottish Post-Punk page, it was me!

You just had your 50th show of UNAMERICAN Radio, did you think you’d get to this many shows?

No, I thought there was 10 shows in me. After the second hour-long show I upped it to two hours and often go over that!

And…how long did it take to put the what became a two-part show together, for episodes 50 and 51?

On paper, it took less than an hour to list probably 60 acts I wanted to play. That gradually rose to 72. It took another hour, or so, to choose what tracks to play.  Another couple of hours to pull it together and record and then had to split it down the middle. So the next show is almost good to go!

What are some future projects you may be developing? 

I have a semi-secret pet project for Josef K that (probably) won’t happen; I’m involved with Scars Author! Author! album reissue and a top-top secret one I can’t tell anyone about (only 10 people know about it)!

What has been your greatest challenge in keeping your Twitter/FB full of great content?

Just when I feel the well’s drying up I come across some great new content, or “meet” someone who has a treasure trove of memories and photos. It looks like I can continue to annoy followers for some time to come. 

Have you met any of your music heroes as a result of your publishing? 

I’ve met Malcolm Ross of Josef K, Dave Carson & Mike Barclay (Boots For Dancing), Paul Research (Scars/Voicex), Russell Burn of Fire Engines/Win – all of them lovely people!  

Any great followers you were astounded checked you out? 

Chuffed that Paul Haig, Lloyd Cole, Ian Rankin, The Bluebells (Ken & Bobby), Boy GeorgeGrahame Skinner, Cornershop, Steve Diggle, Monochrome Set (and others) all follow my feed.

DD and SPP

What was the hardest article to get data for and why was it so important?

I tend to publish whatever is available, or takes my mood and have no set agenda for content, other than for updates where I may have some involvement.

Anything you can tell us about your daily routine to stay sane in our current global lockdown? How have your music habits been affected?

I’m lucky to be able to do my day job from home via the magic of Internet connectivity.  We start our day by going for a 6AM walk – anything between 2 and 4 miles, then get ready for the day – my 30 second commute to my office is a particular joy!  I listen to vinyl occasionally, but am mostly playing music from my computer (locally ripped albums, Internet radio – obviously – and streaming services). Playing old favourites or new (to me) artists has been an uplifting experience.  Luckily Mrs. Hunt and I are fairly anti-social, so have adapted really well to this new normal.

If someone approached you to do a live show, like at local college radio, would you do it? Perhaps partner up with a young broadcasting student?

I’d be happy to – not sure that I have the presenter skills though! The musical taste (in my view) and knowledge (to an extent) maybe…

What blogs or Zines are you obsessed with right now?

Enjoying Twitter and old style ‘zine. @razurcutsmag (also on Twitter) have an old style paper magazine and is a good read.

Where can people discover your media or publication? or (and a dozen or so other band or label related pages)

The Blogger and DJ as Consumer OJ T-shirt

The first record bought? 

Neither of them cool…

45 rpm: Rolf Harris – Two Little Boys 

33rpm: Geoff Love and His Orchestra play Big War Movie Themes

How did you listen to new music when you were young?

A mono Philips cassette player – tapes bought mail order from The Britannia Music Club. That’s when I got all trendy, hip, and groovy… 

First gig you went to? Who were you with and what did you wear? Did you pick up gear (Badges, teeshirt, posters, setlist, still have ticket stub?)

Genesis (with Peter Gabriel) playing the entire The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album at Usher Hall, Edinburgh in April 1975. I went with my older brother. I bought a t-shirt and programme – still have the programme, but not the ticket stub. 

Favorite bands or artists in your youth?

Early Genesis, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Stones, Who, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Nazareth, Average White Band, Stevie Wonder 

What are your favorite new artists?

Mysterines, Honeyblood, Walt Disco, Snuts, Catholic Action & Voicex, amongst others. 

What Twitter or other social media accounts are you hooked on lately?

Same as blogs above, really. There are some Twitter feeds/Facebook pages that engage periodically.

Favorite music venues?

Nite Club, Valentino’s, Clouds/Coasters, Astoria, Tiffany’s, Odeon (all closed); Playhouse, Queen’s Hall (all Edinburgh); Apollo (Glasgow); Marquee (London)

 Music venues you are dying to go to?

CBGB’s; Harlem Apollo; Max’s Kansas City

What would be your fantasy gig if space and time continuum allowed? 

Prince, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Stevie Wonder (backed by Parliament/Funkadelic) at the Harlem Apollo, please.  Or Frank Sinatra at the Sands.

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